Maidenwell Astronomical ObservatoryWelcome and thanks for dropping by....

Located in Maidenwell, is Queensland's largest, self-funded astro-tourism business purposely set up to show and tell visitors all about the Universe since August 16, 2004.

The roll-off roof shown rolled back from the Observation Deck, is where you view the Universe up close in powerful telescope like the ones below.  The observation deck can seat in comfort, up to 45 people.
For night show bookings please ph. (07) 4164  6194 or go to our Show Dates above.
Night shows begin 7pm - March 1 to Sept.30 and 7.30pm - Oct. 1 to Feb. 28.
Night shows not suitable for children under 5 years
After 10 years at Maidenwell, by end of 2014, the Observatory complex will be moving to the Kingaroy Airport..
This move will generate more business for us as Kingaroy has more Accomodation and Eatrey outlets for our visitors. 
So until we start dismantling the buildings for the road trip to Kingaroy, we'll continue to operate as usual.  .
 James Barclay- principal AstronomerMaidenwell Astronomical Observatory signStargazing
Principal astronomer James Barclay with over 60 years experience in Astronomy, is pictured with one of the three Meade LX200 14" GPS F10 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes, that shows exquisite detail of the Moon, Planets and Stars. The white kitchen steps is what you lean on to while looking into the eyepiece. Each telescope can be raised or lowered to suit your height.

We can supply any Skywatcher telescopes and or mount below the prices seen elsewhere. Phone, email or visit our online shop for your price!.


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